“The green economy is no longer a niche market. There is no better time to gauge the confidence and optimism of our industry than at a time like this. Visionscape’s commitment towards a Circular Economy and closing the loop allows us to think smarter with our use of waste and raw materials. We are investing in innovative and groundbreaking solutions that allow products to be recovered, repurposed and remanufactured infinitely.” – Lord Simon Reading, Chairman, Visionscape Group

The Visionscape Group is a multifaceted environmental utility conglomerate providing innovative solutions across the waste management value chain for diverse industries across the world.

We are witnessing a remarkable increase in the demand for waste management and recycling. To meet this demand, we implement integrated resource recovery systems leveraging ground-breaking technologies to tackle waste management in urban cities.

Driven by our Circular Economy business model, each of our subsidiaries specialises in providing products and services in key sectors – ranging from turnkey environmental solutions in the areas of waste management, sanitation, and wastewater treatment for governments and municipalities, to resource management, recycling and manufacturing, and waste-to-energy.

We are committed to ending plastic pollution by operating responsibly within a sustainable business model to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling and reusing 90% of the materials we manufacture and recover from the waste we collect by the year 2025.

Through our effective innovative solutions, aimed at transforming cities across the new world, Visionscape is the first of its kind responding to a global need, with strategic investments and resources into the changes required to push circularity.

Our Vision

To be the leading environmental utility group across emerging markets.

Our Mission

To provide reliable, sustainable and high-value essential environmental solutions to our clients with a deep commitment to protecting and preserving the Earth.