At Visionscape, our Sustainability Policy establishes the Circular Economy concept as a core value and integrates it into company processes, administration, research and innovation, outreach and engagement, mirroring an ecosystem that leaves nothing wasted.

As part of the Group’s commitment to the circular economy, our business strategy is deeply rooted in building a sustainable business that is good for the people, their communities, and, the environment. We push recycling initiatives and efforts throughout our operations. We make significant global investments in assets and infrastructure that converts those materials into renewable resources.

Closing the loop – At the start of a product’s life, both the design and the production process have an impact on how often the resource reused and by extension, waste generation. Closing the loop puts a strong emphasis on promoting a circular economy, making products more durable. Mainly, we identify opportunities within our operations that maximise the use of our output (waste) to be input and transformed into new products by our manufacturing divisions. These new products go into servicing other critical areas within our business operations.

We understand that the “cradle to grave” approach in the waste economy is not sustainable. Closed loop resource recovery focuses on shifting the global strain from factors such as rapid population growth and limited resources to actively considering a product’s entire lifecycle. Actively seeking ways to ensure the recovery opportunities for each product is fully maximised.