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About Visionscape Group


The Visionscape Group is a multifaceted group of companies providing specialized solutions in diverse sectors of major industries across the world.

Each subsidiary specializes in providing products and services in key sectors ranging from the provision of turnkey environmental solutions in the areas of waste management, sanitation, and wastewater treatment for governments and municipalities to resource recovery, recycling, and, manufacturing.


As part of the Group’s commitment to social impact investments, our business strategy is deeply rooted in building a sustainable business that does good by operating circularly within a closed loop system. 

Around 480bn plastic bottles were sold globally in 2016 – that’s a million bottles per minute. Or 20,000 per second.

At that rate, since you started reading this people have bought
6,407,500 Bottles

Our Activities

Group Statistics

Resource Efficiency 82%
Waste Collection Efficiency 80%
Diversion Rate 58%
Concrete Measures 90%

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